5 match-winners CSK should target if the mega-auction happens in IPL 2021

5 match-winners CSK should target if the mega-auction happens in IPL 2021

Since its beginning, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has entered its fifth week, but this game has united cricket fans from all over the world. There is no doubt that the cash-rich league has fully demonstrated the strength of cricket. As the game progresses, the audience will insist on using the TV until the heart-pounding final drama is unfolded before the emotional eyes.

However, due to the recent poor translation by the Donny team, the emotional pornographic fans found that the final laughter fans were at risk. After a strong first-place victory against the Mumbai Indians, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have been trying to surpass the victory line. The Yellow Shirts lost most of their games and threatened their spot in the playoffs. Therefore, the lion is in seventh place in the lower half of the points table.

The limited resources in the team are considered to be one of the important reasons for their continuous failure. In this regard, this article attempts to deconstruct the names of five explosive contest winners, which might be left on their cards if a large auction for the 14th edition is conducted. Therefore, team managers need to return to the drawing board to win the big shots under the yellow hammer.

1. Suryakumar Yadav

The Mumbai-based cricketer has proven his talent in the domestic arena again and again with his excellent wickerwork. The right-handed batsman made headlines in the 2015 IPL. The talented player representing KKR scored 5 six points in the match against the Mumbai Indians and dropped an amazing 20 goals and 46 hammers, which eclipsed Rohit Sharma’s 98-class classic.

The old game champion recently traded for the Mumbai Indians. The blue outfit signed a contract with Batman up to 320 million IPL. In return for the trust of the captain, the 30-year-old has accumulated more than 200 games throughout the season. Therefore, there is no doubt that Suryakumar is a must for any team he plays.

Considering his spectacular performance with bats, CSK must consider carefully to recruit this extravagant player into the team. It seems that the team is currently deprived of motivation. In addition, his arrival in the team can increase the burden on the batting department for the upcoming season. Therefore, Yadav’s genius knocks on the door to overthrow any opposition team.

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Last Updated on October 19, 2020


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