Imran Tahir Leaves Pakistan After Four Months, To Take Part in CPL

Imran Tahir

Due to travel restrictions imposed after the COVID-19 pandemic, South African legist Imran Tahir has been stranded in Pakistan since March and finally flew out of Pakistan.

The South African bowler hat, born in Pakistan, flew directly to the West Indies on Sunday, where he will participate in the Caribbean Premier League.

Tahir, who participated in the Pakistan Premier League, was stuck in Lahore after the government imposed travel restrictions after the suspension due to the pandemic.

A source close to the cricketer said: “He belongs to Lahore, so he stays here until the travel restrictions are lifted.”

Recently, Tahir was disappointed that he could not play for Pakistan.

Tahir was born and raised in Lahore and lived in the city until 2005. He even played for the Pakistan U-19 team and also for the Pakistan “A” team, but did not have the opportunity to play for the senior team.

He credits his wife Sumayya Dildar who moved to South Africa in 2005. After completing his four-year residence in the country, he was eligible to compete in the Proteas in 2009.

He told Geo Super: “I used to play cricket in Lahore and played an important role in my position. I played cricket most of the time in Pakistan, but I didn’t have a chance here. I feel that Disappointed,”

“It’s difficult to leave Pakistan, but God bless me, most of the honor of playing for South Africa goes to my wife.”

Last Updated on July 28, 2020


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