IPL 2020: CSK skipper MS Dhoni takes a brilliant low catch to send back RR’s Sanju Samson

IPL 2020-CSK skipper MS Dhoni takes a brilliant low catch to send back RR’s Sanju Samson

MS Dhoni has always been the topic of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL). Everything has to do with his blow. First is his batting position, and then when he actually hit the command, the veteran struggled. He hasn’t been able to time the ball this season, and this man admits that. However, in all his struggles with the Chennai Super King (CSK), his wicket remained unchanged.

He is also known for his talent behind the ticket gate, and MS Dhoni has a reputation in this area. After winning the championship earlier, the CSK captain performed well again in the 200th IPL game on Monday. Defending the 125 run to keep alive in the playoffs, the “man in yellow” needed early wickets, and Deepak Chahar and Josh Hazlewood only chose two wickets in advance.

Sanju Samson was at a disadvantage in the fifth round and Chahar swung it well. However, on the third serve, the starter caused the ball to drift along the leg. Seeing the chance of scoring opportunities, Samson tried to draw a line, but ultimately marginalized him as a ticket collector. The ball passed to MS Dhoni’s position low, and the man was ready to place it in the webbing between his thumb and index finger.

MS Dhoni’s first move was offside, then he had to dive to the side of his leg, squat, and grab the ball.

Ms. Dhoni fights against bats again
When MS Dhoni continued to shine behind the wicket, even in CSK’s must-win game, his struggle with the bat continued. After hitting the ball at 53/3, he never looked like bowling. He strode forward in the singles selection, and could only make four-quarters within 28 moves. Teaming up with Ravindra Jadeja’s 51 runs did not give people confidence. CSK can only serve 125 on the board and score 82 in the last 14 games.

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Last Updated on October 19, 2020

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