IPL 2020 – Emirates confirms BCCI move to host IPL in UAE

Indian Premier League 2020

IPL 2020

This is an official confirmation about IPL 2020. The 2020 Indian Premier League will move to the UAE this year. The UAE Cricket Committee has received a letter of intent from the Cricket Control Committee of India (BCCI), which will host the 13th IPL in the UAE. “We have received the (official) letter and are now waiting for the Indian government’s decision,” Mubashshir Usmani, Secretary-General of the Emirates Aviation Council, said in a statement.

Indian ministers are also cleaning the deck. A source from the Ministry of Sports confirmed: “The BCCI’s request to hold an IPL outside India in the United Arab Emirates has been approved by the Ministry of Sports.” Now, the proposal must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior.

On May 10, the first report stated that the board of directors had written to BCCI, proposing to host the IPL. However, the Indian board waited until mid-July to see if it could stage a closed-door IPL at home. With the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, after discussions at the Apex Committee meeting on July 17, BCCI announced its intention to move its activities overseas. The UAE had become the first choice at that time.

GOVT license

According to a BCCI official, obtaining official permission from the Indian government is now a form. “The government must take its own view. With the increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the country, we already know that this is very difficult.” A senior BCCI official said.

BCCI has made it clear that “this is not 2009”. When IPL moved overseas (South Africa) for the first time due to the general election in 2009, it was against the wishes of the then federal government. This time, all parties admitted that the country’s health is not conducive to hosting large-scale sports events involving international players.

“What we are waiting for is an understanding of international travel. To see if there are commercial flights or we have to use charter flights. Also, this is not just a situation that brings all Indian players to Dubai. Players from other parts of the world and all other participants I also need to go to Dubai.” He added.

If there is no crowd, there is no compensation

The Indian Board of Directors will soon convene a meeting of the IPL Council (GC) to discuss all logistical and financial issues. However, even before the GC members got together, BCCI seemed unwilling to compensate for the loss of ticket revenue caused by the franchise, which is a requirement of the franchise such as Kings XI Punjab. “If there is no IPL, what will be lost? Ticket revenue only accounts for 10-15% of franchise revenue. BCCI officials said.

The final decision on whether to allow spectators through limited ticket sales will be based on the recommendations of the UAE government. But franchise companies like the Kolkata Cavaliers, Mumbai Indians and Royal Challenger Bangalore usually have a place in home games but lose considerable revenue.

United Arab Emirates

Usmani confirmed the IPL’s proposed date (September 19 to November 8), adding that “Both committees have been fully mobilized and have worked with relevant authorities, including their respective internal working committees. The discussion started.”

Usmani said: “There are many factors that affect the operation and logistics of hosting the world’s most exciting, most popular and profitable game.” “This is a large-scale migration of personnel and equipment. We now need Experts are invited to discuss various aspects of the UAE hosting IPL. These include the Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah Sports Commissions, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah tourism agencies, and corresponding government entities such as the police force and the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. ”

The UAE has experience in hosting IPL and held 20 IPL competitions in 2014. Usmani talked about “people who have a deep understanding of the required conditions and who we need to consult and participate in from the early stage to the end of the game.”

Before the start of the game, all franchisees hope to conduct a three- to four-week training camp in the UAE. Usmani said: “Emirates has some of the world’s best practice facilities and stadiums in the three emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah). We are confident that it will be enough to support eight teams.”

Last Updated on July 27, 2020


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