It’s a Massive Thing for me to Get the Ball to Swing: James Anderson on Saliva Ban

The experienced English fast bowler James Anderson started training again and he likes to return to the cricket ground.

On Monday, Anderson posted his own video on Instagram, from which he can see that he was running and then passing the ball at Old Trafford. Also, you can watch star sports 1 live online.

“I miss this place! Relax slowly, but like to come back,” Anderson wrote.

England players resumed training last week because the country plans to return to international cricket. Since the outbreak of coronavirus in mid-March, international cricket has been suspended.

Due to the outbreak of a new coronavirus, all cricket activity has stalled and England is visiting Sri Lanka. All professional cricket activities are currently suspended there until July 1st. The England team will next be arranged to play in the West Indies and Pakistan.

Anderson recently said that when cricket resumes, his teammates must inspire each other and are likely to be in front of the empty stands. Check out PSL live streaming Update.

Anderson told CNN Sport’s Amanda Davies on Instagram Live: “(Fortunately, (in England) most of the test competitions were sold out, certainly in the first few days, we attracted a lot of People, so motivating yourself is not a problem. ”

“You just went out in front of a crowded house and it was easy to get up and take part in the game. I think that if there is no crowd there and no atmosphere, we hear the sound of leather, we may have to rely on each other as the player willow on the ground It echoed instead of applause, “he added.

In the post-COVID era, there will be many changes in cricket, one of which is to ban the use of saliva to make the ball glow according to the recommendations of the ICC Cricket Committee.

“For me, this is a very important thing, because to make the ball swing, you need to be able to polish and scratch the ball, and then repair it,” Anderson said. International Day.

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Last Updated on May 26, 2020


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