Need an international coach who understands cricket inside out

Shoaib Malik’s dig at Misbah-ul-Haq after Pakistan’s loss against Zimbabwe


Pakistan’s all-around player Shoaib Malik defeated the Pakistani coaching staff led by former cricketer Misbah-ul-Haq, who was fired in only 99 games against Zimbabwe on Friday and lost to the opposition’s first T20 game.

Malik last played for Pakistan in September 2020. He added that “unfamiliar decision makers” should take a back seat and allow Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam to conduct business. He also accused the coaching staff of making decisions based on “preferences.”

The 39-year-old gave advice on coaching the national team and suggested that Pakistan should choose an “international white ball coach” because he “completely understands cricket.”

We need an international white-ball coach who understands cricket: Shoaib Malik

“Unfamiliar decision makers need to take a step back; Babar and the chief selector need to be the masters. In my opinion, we need an international white ball coach who needs to understand the inside story of cricket and train the captain, while also providing clarity to the players. information……”

“When your management relies on preferences, especially when cricket is in a state of survival, what is there to expect as a country? Most importantly, if you don’t let the captain make a decision, it will definitely happen… ,” Shoaib Malik said in a tweet.

In addition, former Batman Ramiz Raza called the failure a “dark moment in Pakistan’s cricket history.”

“A dark moment in the history of Pakistani cricket. Pakistan players have shot recklessly without skills or partnership. Muzarabani is the only high-quality bowling player in their lineup. If you have the opportunity to watch the video of the game, you We will find that our blow to him seems very ordinary.” The former player said in a video uploaded on his official YouTube channel.

The Pakistani bowlers did a good job of limiting their opponents to 118, although they never relaxed in the process of trying to chase the goal, and at the end of the game they lost as many as 7 wickets for a total of 21. When Zimbabwe upgraded the series 1-1, only three batsmen scored in double digits. The final T20I will be held at the same location on Sunday (April 25, 2021).


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Last Updated on April 24, 2021

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