New Zealand Offers To Host IPL 2020

New Zealand Offers to IPL

IPL 2020

New Zealand is an island country that has set an example by including COVID-19 and has now proposed to host IPL2020. New Zealand made this proposal after Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) submitted bids. Hold lucrative competitions. However, if IPL 2020 is not called 0ff, it is still uncertain.

The superior institutions of IPL 2020 have reserved various options for the start of the competition. The CEO of the board of directors has stated that IPL 2020 may be held in India with international stars after the monsoon. However, as COVID-19 deteriorates daily in the country, calling for the opening of its international borders will not be a suitable option.

Among other possibilities, you can choose to host competitions in overseas countries like Sri Lanka and the UAE. Now, as New Zealand offers a wider range of hosting boards. It is also reported that the entire IPL 2020 can be held in Mumbai, the hardest-hit city, which makes it easier for the board to choose the number of open options.

Holding an event in India must be the first choice, but if it is not safe, then we will consider choosing overseas. The UAE, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand have also proposed hosting IPLs,” a senior BCCI official told PTI on condition of anonymity.

“We will sit down with all stakeholders (broadcasting companies, teams, etc.) and have a conversation. The safety of the players is paramount. There will be no compromises.

According to the initial timetable, IPL 2020 will start on March 29, but due to the strong waiting and guarding policies of the mother, it has been postponed to April 15 indefinitely.

Rs may be lost. If the profitable tournament is canceled, it is 40 billion.

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