Pakistan suffer another blow in New Zealand as two more members test positive for COVID-19


Pakistani Team

The entire team is still in isolation and the New Zealand College and the National Health Department have not yet given them permission to train.

Pakistan’s trip to New Zealand further plunged into chaos because two other task force members tested positive for Covid-19. Recent developments mean that 10 of the 53 Pakistani teams have contracted the terrible virus in New Zealand, and the country has successfully controlled the epidemic.

Earlier, six members had tested positive on November 24, when the team arrived in New Zealand and began a mandatory 14-day stay under managed isolation. After obtaining positive test results, New Zealand Cricket warned tourists of the terrible consequences and there were reports that the Pakistani team was in danger of being deported. NZC stated that members of the Pakistan team violated strict biosafety regulations on the first day of 14-day isolation.

A few days later, more members tested positive. The latest development further put a question mark on the series. The New Zealand Ministry of Health confirmed the latest developments. The ministry also confirmed that the two members are historical cases.

“The two members of the Pakistani men’s cricket team we reported yesterday tested positive for 6 routine tests in one day. These people were confirmed to have historical infections. Since they were not counted abroad, they will be counted in our total. “The Ministry of Health said in a statement.

“The team plans to conduct a routine 9th day test today. The surrounding waivers decided to isolate the requirements from management, which will allow the team to train still under consideration,” the statement said.

Question mark in the tour
There is a big question mark in the upcoming series about how things have developed in recent days. NZC has made it clear that it will not evade expelling the Pakistan team, and the recent positive test results are another blow to the upcoming series. In addition, Pakistan cannot get enough time train series.

The entire team is still in isolation, and NZC and the New Zealand Ministry of Health have not yet allowed them to train. The first game of the three T20I series is scheduled to take place on December 18. After T20I, both teams will conduct two tests.

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