PSL 2022 Point Table – Latest Update PSL 7 Teams Ranking

PSL 7 Points Table and Team Ranking 2022

The 7th edition of the PSL 7 Points Table 2022 has started in February 2022. Here you can view the updated 2022 points table, race updates, head-to-head results, run rates, and team standings.

The games will be played at stadiums in Lahore and Karachi.

The final will be played at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. The format of the competition will be a double round-robin and playoffs.

m multan Multan Sultans2204+0.566
m islamabad Islamabad United1102+2.463
m quetta Quetta Gladiators2112+0.820
m peshawar Peshawar Zalmi2112-1.052
m lahore Lahore Qalandars1010-0.327
m karachi Karachi Kings2020-1.099

PSL 6 Points Table and Team Ranking 2021

The PSL 6 points table is based on the ICC system, in which each team scores 2 points in the group stage. In the case of a draw in the group stage, the winner shall be determined by the super.

The PSL 2021 points table and team standings show the winning, losing, total points, and net vacancy rate after each PSL match. All teams play 10 matches each. The top 4 teams entered the playoffs and finals.

#RankingTeamsPlayedWonLossNo ResultPointsNet RR
1.Karachi Kings110023.058
2.Lahore Qalanders110020.73
3.Islamabad United110020.447
4.Multan Sultans10100-0.447
5.Peshawar Zalmi10100-0.73
6.Quetta Gladiators10100-3.058

PSL 2020 Points Table

The fifth edition of PSL 2020 will begin on February 20, 2020. Did you watch a PSL match? After matching, make these changes in the PSL 5-point table. Here is the updated points table 2020, matching to match updates, first pair results, run rate, and team status.

PSL Live Streaming

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You can find all the information about the Pakistan Super League here. The team that has won the most in the Pakistani Super League stage will rank higher in the PSL 2020 points table. 

#RankingTeamsPlayedWonLossNo ResultPointsNet RR
1.Multan Sultans


2.Karachi Kings 


3.Lahore Qalanders


4. Peshawar Zalmi


5.Quetta Gladiators104519-0.722
6.Islamabad United



PSL 5 Point Table has been Updated

here is an updated score sheet for PSL 5 and you can access and check for updates and the position of all teams in the score sheet after each match. As there are six teams participating.

After each PSL match, the PSL 5 Score 2020 Update will be performed twice in one day.

PSL Highlights Table 2020

The Pakistan Super League points table and team rankings and positions have been updated recently. After this PSL match, the standing position of each team changed. Check the Today PSL points table and check the PSL 5 leading winning points team.

PSL 2019 Points Table

#RankingTeamsPlayedWonLossTiePointsNet RR
1.Peshawar Zalmi (Qualified)10730140.828
2.Quetta Gladiators


3.Islamabad United (Qualified)10550100.127
4.Karachi Kings (Qualified)
5.Multan Sultans
6.Lahore Qalanders


PslliveStreaming.Com provides you PSL 2019 Points Table so that you can easily check PSL Ranking of each team. Not only this, but you can also compare the PSL Teams ranking.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) fixtures have proved to be enthralling in the previous seasons and it is always good to keep an eye on what’s happening in our favorite cricket event. The best way to keep a track of the proceedings is the PSL points table where you can track your favorite team’s performance and predict the outcomes of the upcoming games based on the previous results and current form. Not just this, you can understand all the qualification scenarios based on the group stage standings and see which team faces which team in the play-off fixtures.

PSL Points Table 2019 Format

The tournament is based on a double-round robin format, meaning that each team will play all other teams twice in the group stage with the top four teams qualifying for the PSL play-off fixtures for 2019.

PSL Points Table 2019 System

Two points will be awarded for a win, zero for a loss whereas no result would yield one point for each team.

In case of a tie, the match will be decided through a Super Over.

PSL Points Table Standings Criteria

The top 4 teams will qualify for the PSL 2019 playoffs.

If two or more teams secure an equal number of points, the team with the higher number of wins will be ranked higher. Other criteria for determining the standings in case of equal points include net run rate, bowling strike rate, and head-to-head results of the two teams will decide the better team.

PSL Update: Psl Live Match Today | Psl schedule 2019

On this page, you can keep yourself updated with the PSL 2019 points table as well as the latest news and updates.

PSL points table 2019 will be regularly updated for our audience, making sure no one has to switch tabs, providing you everything you need to know at one place.

Rules Followed For PSL Points/Ranking:

  • 2 points will be given on win.
  • 1 point each will be given to both teams in case of no result.
  • 0 points will be given on lose.
  • If scores are tied: Super Over will be decided the outcome of the match.

So, these are the above conditions and rules taken while adding Points in the PSL 2019 Points Table.

Let me tell you the process of Playoffs, As you know, Top 4 teams are selected for the Playoffs. So, let us take those teams as Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, and Team 4.


1. Team 1 Vs Team 2 (Winning Team will make it to the Final and Losing Team play with Winning Team from Team 3 & Team 4)

2. Team 3 Vs Team 4 (Winner Team Play in the Semi-Final with the Losing Team from Team 1 & Team 2 and the losing team get eliminated from the tournament)

At the end of Semi-Final the team who wins play in the Final with that team who already sets their position in Final.

PSL Update: Psl Live Streaming | Psl 4 Schedule

Islamabad United Points Table 2019

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Lahore Qalanders Points Table 2019


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Karachi Kings Points Table 2019


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Quetta Gladiator Points Table 2019


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Peshawar Zalmi Points Table 2019

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Multan Sultans Team Points Table 2019

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