Sarfaraz Ahmed is in the team with us because we trust in his abilities: Babar Azam


Since the rise of Mohammad Rizwan, Sarfaraz Ahmed has been unstable on the side.

Pakistan captain Babar Azam said he will seek to use Sarfaraz Ahmed as the team’s goalkeeper and ODI ranked fifth Batman. This is Sarfaraz’s third ODI match against South Africa. This is his first 50 matches since October 2019.

Sarfaraz did not contribute much to Pakistan’s 28 victories because he could only score 13 goals with a bat. Although behind the stump, he managed to grab three grappling hooks to justify his tolerance.

Pakistan won the championship with a score of 2-1, becoming the second team after Australia, winning the ODI championship twice in their backyard against South Africa.

Our intermediate order is struggling: Babar Azam
“The only idea behind this choice is that we have a lot of experience sitting on Sarfaraz on the bench, and we want to take advantage of this. There is a gap in our intermediate order, that is, we lack the special ones we want to fill Type of player, that’s why we invited Safaraz to fill this weakness,” PakPassion quoted Azam as saying.

Since the rise of Mohammad Rizwan, Sarfaraz Ahmed has been unstable on the side. However, with his captain full of confidence in him, it seems that Ahmed will be able to maintain his position in the Pakistani 50+ format.

“Sarfaraz Ahmed is with us on the team, because we believe in his abilities, we will try our best to use him in ODI as the fifth-place goalkeeper and cricketer that best suits him. This is also a position that requires the batsman to move a round, and this is the position we lacked in the first two games, and the mid-range position is really struggling.”

“I am very confident in this aspect. I am very satisfied with the top performances in difficult areas such as South Africa.

This gives us a lot of confidence and we hope to maintain this momentum.” He said. With Pakistan’s 1-0 lead in the T20I series in Johannesburg on April 10, the team was able to change Babar Azam’s desire to maintain “motivate”. The two sides will hold their second match at the same venue on April 12.

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Last Updated on April 12, 2021

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