South Africa Vs Pakistan Match Result

South Africa Vs Pakistan 1st ODI

South Africa Vs Pakistan Match Series

On Friday, the Centurion held a three-match ODI series between South Africa and Pakistan. When the visitor walked out of the prison to avoid a late collapse and registered a three-door wicket to lead 1-0 in the series, it was an exciting final goal. However, in addition to the game, another interesting thing during the whole period is the attention, which is the jersey of the two teams.

Both Proteas and Pakistani players wore dark green pants and light green shirts, which confused the fans. Conversely, new cricket fans will find it difficult to identify the team on the spot. Even the air commentators were ridiculing it, while also emphasizing that one of them must wear another jersey to avoid confusion.

Interestingly, neither the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) nor the South African Cricket Committee (CSA) seems to care. Pakistan just launched its ODI and T20I kits last month for tours to the Rainbow Country, and the problem may have been resolved by then.

India wears an away jersey during the 2019 FIFA World Cup
This is not the first time both teams are wearing the same jerseys. Cricket fans have repeatedly suffered clashes with South Africa, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and sometimes Australia wearing dark green gear. However, the ICC has tried its best to avoid such conflicts during the 2019 England World Cup.

In the game against England, Sri Lanka and India were also eliminated, which is refreshing even for the fans. In addition, Sri Lanka won the championship after beating England and even continued to wear the same jersey in the rest of the game.

As the team regularly provides home and away jerseys in football matches, the cricket team may also have to adopt this strategy in bilateral series to avoid future chaos. It is interesting whether ICC will take any measures in this regard. At the same time, cricket fans like to take photos with the teams in South Africa and Pakistan during the first ODI.

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Last Updated on April 3, 2021

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