Stakes are high but will perform strongly in World Cup Pakistan’s Under-19 captain

Pakistan’s Under-19 captain Rohail Nazir on Saturday guaranteed that his group is in good shape “to perform emphatically” in the Under-19 World Cup in front of tomorrow’s first conflict against Scotland in Potchefstroom.

“We are completely arranged to take on Scotland in our opener in under 24 hours. Obviously, we are apprehensive yet our mentor’s [Ijaz Ahmed] motivational speeches have just quieted down bunches of nerves and we are totally engaged, spurred and resolved to perform firmly,” Nazir said..

The 18-year-old included that his side is well-prepared for the test, however isn’t thinking little of his adversaries and anticipates a challenge.

“I immovably accept we are best arranged for the World Cup yet I think all other 15 sides have landed in South Africa solidly accepting they can win the competition,” he said.

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“We as a whole realize a lot is on the line in this competition and on the off chance that we can accomplish solid outcomes, at that point we edge nearer to our fantasies about speaking to Pakistan at the most elevated level,” Nazir said. “At this level, this impetus is more prominent and greater than anything and will shadow us in this competition and I am sure we will win the competition.”

Pakistan, who won their second and last World Cup 14 years prior, is the third-best side throughout the entire existence of the U19 World Cup after India, who have won the occasion multiple times, and Australia, the three-time champion.

Last Updated on January 18, 2020

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