What if a Super Over gets tied in the IPL?


The 13th Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) may still be in the early stages, but as expected, the tournament has shown a lot of drama. The high-octane league has provided fans with two exciting Super Overs in the first ten games.

The fans witnessed the first super-control of IPL 2020. In the second game of the game on September 20, the capital of Delhi fought King XI Punjab. Behind the brilliance of Kagiso Rabada’s bowling ball, the Capitals grabbed “Super Over” with four balls. Most fans think they will have to wait a while to watch another part of “Super Over” play.

However, only eight days later, the world saw the second Super Contest of IPL 2020. The Royal Challenger Bangalore, led by Virat Kohli, surpassed the defending champion Mumbai Indians in a thrilling thriller in Dubai, whose fate is determined by the back of the Super Contest. The leading captain Kohli surpassed Jasprit Bumrah in the last delivery and won the RCB competition in Super Over.

But what would happen if Kohli was fired during the last delivery? According to the rules, if a Super Over is also restricted, it will follow another Super Over until the result is obtained. If one team does not score more than the other team, the number of Super Overs will be unlimited.

In addition, batsmen who came out in the first Super Contest will not be allowed to hit the ball in the second Super Contest. In addition, bowlers who bowled in the first super game are not allowed to bowl again.

What about boundary counting rules?
Even if the number of borders is the same, both sides will have to fight until one team expels the other. For IPL, ICC and BCCI have deleted the highly controversial boundary counting rules, so there is no upper boundary statistical information now. Similarly, in this case, the side that serves second in the game serves first, and vice versa.

The runs scored in the Super Over will not be recorded, because the player is just playing to get the result. Each team only allows 3 cricketers (2 wickets) and 1 bowler to participate in the IPL Super Contest. In addition, each group received only one comment in “Super Over”. The Mumbai Indians used the only comment yesterday when AB de Villiers was in torment. However, after the replay showed that the ball did not scratch the bat, they eventually lost the comment.

Since the establishment of IPL, the world has witnessed 10 out of 13 matches tied together. Interestingly, all eight teams participating this year are part of at least one Super Over in their IPL journey.

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Last Updated on October 18, 2020

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