Yasir Shah reveals he wants to score a century in England

Yasir Shah

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone in Pakistan is preparing to play against England next month to commemorate their return to the sport. The historic series will be Pakistan’s first expedition in the post-coronavirus world, because the “Green Man” will be tested in England in three games, followed by T20I. you can watch all matches on Ptv sports live so don’t worry about the match live streaming.

This special tour will also adopt the ICC Coronavirus Post-World Provisional Regulations, including a heated debate on saliva. In addition, the game will be conducted with the door closed, and during the series, the players will remain in the biosafety bubble.

Prior to the highly anticipated series that began on August 5, Pakistani international Yasir Shah expressed his desire to score a century on British soil. In December 2019, Yasir topped the Adelaide Oval Honours list because he scored 100 points in the game, and his 113 knockdowns helped Pakistan post 302 on the scoreboard run.

When talking to the media before the series, Yasir also revealed that he also practiced batting skills in the net.

“I hope to have an excellent performance in the series against England. The weather and conditions will help Pakistan. It is not entirely correct to say that our players have no experience. Our young bowlers have performed very well. Mohamed Abba Mohammad Abbas has experience playing county cricket. The Pakistani cricket team quoted Yasir as saying that Shaheen Shah had high hopes.

We will gain an advantage due to the swing of England: Yasir Shah
“We will gain an advantage thanks to the services provided by the United Kingdom. Google and broken legs are my weapons. I am also focused on hitting and will score 100 in England. I have been practicing my skills as a batter in the Nets. He added.

Yasir participated in 39 tests and 25 ODIs on behalf of Pakistan, reducing 213 and 24 ticket gates respectively. Yasir, 34, also acknowledged the efforts of Mushtaq Ahmed and revealed that he has been working very hard to return the injury to the scene. The leg swinger also said that the team hopes to perform well against the host to reduce the pressure on Pakistani bowlers.

“My performance was affected by the injury. I came back very hard. My confidence is back and I am satisfied with the bowling. The bowling coach Mushtaq Ahmed gave me focused attention. It is very beneficial to get him back on the team. Expectations increase with good performance. I will try my best to meet these expectations,” he said.

Pakistan has a strong batting lineup. We hope our batsmen will do well. If the batting situation is good, the pressure on the bowler can be reduced. “Yasir added.

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